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By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Injectables – Botox & Fillers

Infinity Life Center offers world class injections and soft tissue augmentation by a board certified plastic surgeon and other providers. We offer all major dermal fillers, fat injection, Botox (botulism toxins), Dysport (another form of botulism toxins), Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane, Sculptra and more.

Who are the Injectable Experts?

Many people are confused as to the differences between Botox and dermal fillers and exactly which goes where. The image shows where the Botox and fillers go and what they are intended to treat or improve.

Understand that every where you look today everyone from nurses, dentists and family doctors are injecting patients with fillers and Botox. Why is this in the last ten years become so popular when many of these have been around for twenty years or more? The answer is simple, the manufacturing companies have held weekend courses to educate non plastic surgeons to inject their products. That means sales for these companies. Virtually anyone can pay a few thousand dollars to learn how to inject Botox. The more health care personal that can “sell” their products, the more money they can make. Makes great business sense doesn’t it?

The Botox Explosion

So the explosion of fillers and Botox has spread across the planet and the reason why is also very simple. That is, these injectables really work and come with low risk. Thus a non plastic surgeon is happy to jump on board to make extra money, seemingly easily pleasing patients with low risk of harm. That is in many cases not the reality.

Taking Risks with Your Face

There is another issue at stake and we at Infinity Life Center recognize the weakness in non plastic surgeons providing these treatments. That is the reason why we have multi specialty teams, which are able to evaluate all your treatment options. In other words if all one does is Botox and fillers then that is great if the patient only needs Botox to solve a wrinkle problem. Yet all wrinkles are not created equal and many require surgical or LASER procedures or possibly something in the dermatological realm. So what can a practice with out a plastic surgeon offer when that is their only service – Botox and fillers? Do they have the judgment, experience or knowledge to recommend other treatments that may better serve their patients? You will have to decide on your own if your Botox provider can actually see the big picture from a medical standpoint as viewed through the eyes of a seasoned plastic surgeon. It’s quite possible you are dismissing techniques or treatments which can actually provide better results or potentially permanent results instead of paying for fillers and Botox month after month.

Are you happy with your present injector?

You may very well be satisfied with your present provider of these fillers and Botox. That is great and you may simply be looking for the best price. Yet we at Infinity Life Center can provide the same services with more value, as our providers not only provide these common cosmetic procedures but much more. Since our team has board certified Plastic Surgeons we can fully evaluate your needs and make recommendations based on this team approach. We will not recommend limited treatments but provide you many options. That is our team advantage of a full service facility under one roof.

More experts with more options at one place.

So wouldn’t it be much greater to have more than one option ranging from LASERS, surgery, fat transfer, as well as the more exotic treatments such as Stem Cell Face Lift, The PRP facial or even mesotherapy solutions including good common sense skin care as at our full service medical spa. Additionally we have internal medicine and naturopathic nutritional solutions. So when you consider your options make sure think about the advantages of Infinity Life Center where all your bases are covered and we will not try to “sell” you on one treatment since we have them all and the expertise to go with it!

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