Botulinum Toxin Cosmetic

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Botulinum Toxin has become very popular these days and is an incredible easy way to improve your appearance.The improvement primarily has to do with eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles of the brow and around the eyes known as crows feet.

The diagram illustrates which areas and the specific muscles where Botulinum Toxin is effective. It also lists the desired effect of each injected area. The diagram only lists the cosmetic uses of Botulinum Toxin and not the theraputic.

The diagram illustrates which areas and the specific muscles where Botulinum Toxin is effective. It also lists the desired effect of each injected area. The diagram only lists the cosmetic uses of Botulinum Toxin and not the theraputic.

What Qualifies an Injector?

There are other uses as well such as creating a mini brow lift or decreasing some of the lines of the mouth. This should be done by an experienced physician or nurse injector who is properly trained and under supervision. Today we see so many individuals graduating from a weekend course and using a cookie cutter approach which is geared for one thing to decrease complications, but may not produce the best artistic result.

How Long Does Botulinum Toxin Last?

Injection of Botulinum Toxin is placing a neurotoxin in the specific muscle that one wants to weaken so that the muscle does not cause wrinkling. How long this last depends on many factors, such as the amount injected and the exact muscle injected, the metabolism of the individual patient and other unknown factors. So no matter what you may have heard no one can predict how long it can last but typically 3 to 4 months for what we see in our practice.

Experience Matters

We have been using Botulinum Toxin in our practice for over 20 years. Not many have that much experience. Want proof? We will show you a chart of our patient treated in 1994. Don’t take our word for it or anyone else.. How do we use Botulinum Toxin ? As mentioned Botulinum Toxin has been used in our practice for cosmetic purposes since 1994. We have used it for decreasing what are called dynamic wrinkles, these are wrinkles caused by moving muscles only. Botulinum Toxin does not work for static wrinkles such as a droopy skin wrinkle. No matter what you may have heard there are many forms of wrinkles which Botulinum Toxin can make worse, One has to know the difference.

The image illustrates how the injection of Botulinum Toxin helps to reduce wrinkles by paralyzing or relaxing muscles.

Here are some uses :

  • decrease or remove dynamic wrinkles
  • raise the eyebrows ( mini brow lift)
  • reduce smokers lines
  • reduce scar contracture
  • decrease migraine headaches
  • decrease sweating in the palms or armpits
  • reduce the size of the jaw by reducing the master muscle size

What are the side effects of Botulinum Toxin?

Occasionally, the needle may puncture a small blood vessel during the injection and a black and blue area may develop. Such an area can last 5-10 days and may require make-up to cover. On occasion the Botulinum Toxin may go to area that is unintended, in rare cases this can cause facial droop or weakness of the muscle. This is always temporary but occurs even in the best hands. Botulinum Toxin is has been widely used for over 20 years. Its was originally used for muscle spasm such as eye twitching (blepharospasm). So we know the side effects well. Other than what was mentioned about rare temporary facial droop, bruising can occur as with any needle puncture. Additionally

How Much Does Botulinum Toxin Cost?

What does the cost of Botulinum Toxin really mean, and how can you get your best bargain? Many people call our office over the phone and want to know “How Much will it cost To Botulinum Toxin® Cosmetic this area or that area” This is a VERY difficult question to answer over the phone. Sure you can call many places and get quotes, but there is simply no way a plastic surgeon can tell you specifically what it will cost until he can see the area. So what we are doing with phone quotes is giving you an estimate based on pure speculation. Thats not good nor accurate. Different people have different muscle and nerve patterns so one size does not fit all.

Each Face is Different

Facial muscles are complex and each of us has a different level of metabolism, facial activity and the like. So what may be a enough Botulinum Toxin® Cosmetic for one persons “area” may not be enough or too much for another person area. I for example have a very active forehead area and I find that I need twice as much as most people to achieve the effect I am looking for. My crows feet around the eyes require less than most people. Thats just the way it is and that is why quotes over the phone are not a great idea.

Everyone is Injecting Botulinum Toxin

Now that Botulinum Toxin® Cosmetic, has become a popular procedure every physician has jumped on the bandwagon and there is a wide range of skill and knowledge each has. Some practioners have little expirence. Yes, it is a simple procedure, but be careful. We have heard stories of some unethical physicians using the same needle twice to save cost. Sad, but this could be true and even I find it hard to believe but we have all heard worse. As a user of Botulinum Toxin® Cosmetic, I would not want to find out the hard way with hepatitis or other transmitted disease from dirty needles that my cost savings idea was a mistake.

When seeking the best value for your dollar in Botulinum Toxin® Cosmetic don’t be mislead by the cheapest price. Some practitioners will be diluting (adding fluid) so much so that the length of time Botulinum Toxin® Cosmetic will last will be decreased or effectiveness may decreases. Sure this lowers the cost to you at the time and allows you to receive a lower quote. Yet what savings is involved if it’s not the same effect or value.

We use the proper amount of Botulinum Toxin® Cosmetic, which we believe to be around 10 units per muscle to be weakened which last the longest. Use less than this and we find it does not last as long or weaken the muscle as much as we would like. in other words its just not as effective.

Fake Botulinum Toxin Products

If some one tells you the cost is lower, than what it cost the physician to obtain from the manufacturer this would be a key that something is not right. Is he or she diluting it or using an alternate cheaper product? Sure we could provide you with Botulinum Toxin® Cosmetic for an area at a cost of around $25, but this would simply not be enough. There is simnply no way that practioners can vary too much as the cost to them is the same!

The cost to physicians is around 6.00 per unit which means 10 units cost the physician $80.00 plus shipping plus his and his staffs time. Dont forget the doctors time as well. Most physicians, as with any occupation don’t want to do things for free. So if your getting your Botulinum Toxin® Cosmetic less than $150 per area I would wonder why? Is it the expierence or is it diluted ? Even at that price its very cheap and most plastic surgeons would not do that.

We have been performing Botulinum Toxin® Cosmetic injections for over 20 years and from our experience we feel that about $200 per area is in the best interest of you as our patient and for our practice. Its not simply it costs less at the other place. However this is just guideline and we vary depending on what we believe you will need.

Given this information we want you to decide, but have the facts and know what you’re getting for your money. Don’t be fooled by cheap prices by someone other than a very qualified practitioner.

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