Liposuction Cost

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

How much does liposuction cost in Hawaii?

The cost of any procedure is based on many factors. Liposuction cost will be determined by these factors such as cost to the surgeon to perform a procedure. This means the surgeon must pay for his supplies, equipment and nursing care, the drugs, his rent and all the other expenses for running a practice and performing liposuction. The other part of the cost is the fee he charges to perform the liposuction procedure. In Honolulu Hawaii these cost are slightly higher as is everything because all supplies are shipped in.

Apples are not Oranges for Liposuction in Hawaii

Different liposuction surgeons in Honolulu Hawaii charge different prices for their fee. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon may charge more than a doctor who is not a plastic surgeon who performs liposuction. Yet this is true in any industry, you will pay a specialist more than you would pay a generalist, because of the expertise of the specialist. An experienced surgeon will charge more than a new liposuction surgeon and so on.

Cost Cutting may mean less quality

Yet doctors can cut cost. They can do this by having less qualified staff rather than a registered nurse or certified anesthesia personnel. They can order the less expensive supplies or other cost cutting measures. These can reduce cost, but may reduce quality. We strive to maintain only the highest quality in supplie and the quality of our staff while attempting to keep cost to you reasonable.

Another way a doctor can cut cost is to simply spend less time in the operating room performing the procedure. This means he will only do an “hours” worth of liposuction instead of “two or three hours worth” that would be required to take the proper amount of fat. Our clinic is aware of this practice and we feel that even though no liposuction surgeon can guarantee the amount of fat taken, we pride ourselves on doing our best for every patient. Sure we could cut cost by just taking a smaller amount and spending less time , but we want to do what is the best. So rather than compromise on quality we would rather not perform the procedure.

Less training may mean less cost but is it worth the risk?

We have seen prices on the internet for as low as $2500 per area of liposuction including all cost and fees etc. However, the doctor who was performing the procedure was a family doctor with no training in plastic surgery or any surgery. He had taken a three week course in liposuction only. It is not surprising that a certified plastic surgeon with many years of training would charge more. Yet do you want your body and health under the care of a physician with less training?

Our Liposuction Clinic in Hawaii will never sacrifice quality to compete on price. We feel that our high standards is why we have been successful for twenty years. This is a combination of our staff, the time we spend with you sculpting during the procedure and doing our very best to obtain arigatu the results you desire.

Our Liposuction prices in Hawaii (prices are subject to change).

We can only speak in a general way about fee’s for liposuction since we will need to see you personally as there is a wide difference on how much fat each person has. There for one person abdominal liposuction may take only one hour and another person same area may take 3 hours. So you will have to be seen before an exact price will be given.

The prices for liposuction range from $500.00 for a very small area up to $4000.00 for a large area with a lot of fat. On average our typical Honolulu and Kona liposuction patients pay around $6500.00 for two large areas of liposuction including anesthesia and fees. Yet again we would have to see you before a firm quote is given.

if you compare apples to apples then you will probably see that our prices are within the standard range. Yet if you want to compare some prices on the internet you may see some with a significant difference between non plastic surgeons (cosmetic surgeons) who perform the procedure and board certified plastic surgeons.

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