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By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Honolulu is home to the Pacific Fleet with marines, soldiers, sailors and special forces personnel. Hawaii has a huge military presence and many soldiers from all branches, both women and men alike, come to our clinic for liposuction surgery!

Military Discounts for Liposuction

All cosmetic surgery procedures are 5% OFF with Military ID. Offer is good for military personnel or spouse. As example for silicone breast augmentation this is a savings of $600.00. Please ask your patient coordinator for other current military discounts.

Honolulu as a military central location and with Dr. Pasquale, a former soldier you will be in an experienced facility with knowledge of the nuances of military life. Dr. Pasquale is very familiar with the requirements for the military as for the tape test and other standard assessments. These have direct bearing on your fitness for promotion or retention.

Military Body Measurements

Many times a slight disparity between the measurements of the neck and the abdomen can cost a promotion. This may be unfair due to the fact that different people have different fat distribution. They have fat cells in one area while not as many in the other areas. This can throw the measurements off and Liposuction can help.

Liposuction can take those road blocks away for the right individual. Many people cannot help where the fat cells were located when they were born. These fat cells may be more in one area than another. If you lose weight you may even look gaunt or too skinny someplaces, but those pesky areas still remain such as the spare tire in men and saddle bags in woman.

In a word – liposuction can take care of all the fat areas that exercise cannot!

Soldiers are Ideal candidates for Liposuction

Military are the ideal individuals for liposuction. We find this many times in army, navy and other military members who are in fantastic shape, but cant past the tape test due to fat in the wrong place. The arms and legs shoulders all look great but that one area around the waist persist. Liposuction can take that away.

At Dr. Pasquale’s Honolulu liposuction clinic many military personnel and dependents come in for consultations and receive a quote. A consultation typically will take less than an hour. You will have the facts with out guessing or trying to figure it out on your own. So why wait ? Obtain the facts and decide to act.

Additionally, if you are in the military active, reserves or a military dependent you will be entitled to a special military discount! Call or email us today.

It is important that liposuction surgery be combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise for best results.
Liposuction will never be a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. It is meant only as an answer to problem areas of fat deposits.

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