Eyelid Tape for Eyelid Crease

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

In the east a child born with a crease on the eyelid is considered lucky. Consider yourself the lucky one! Purchase the best eye lid tape from a plastic surgeon in Honolulu Hawaii.

While many Asians have creases on the eyelids there are also those who have a very minimal crease or none at all and wish to have a double eyelid appearance. Cosmetic science and technology has come a long way, as have the products that help enhance one’s natural beauty. Eyelid tape is a pre cut tape that provides a crease on the eyelid. The eyelid tape is not only perfect for those who which to enhance their eyes by adding a crease to the eyelid but also for those who want to make their eyes appear bigger. The use of the eyelid tape is not restricted to just any one region but in fact has become popular globally. The eyes are the primary focus of the face and have a lot to do with how attractive the face appears. The eyelid tape may also be used in a way to decide if you want to have blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. Regular use of the eyelid tape will give you an idea of what you will look like after the surgery.

Honolulu, Hawaii is a good place to have eyelid surgery as it is the proud home of many talented and competent cosmetic and plastic surgeons such as Dr. Michael Pasquale. He is one of the few surgeons in the world to have finished his residency in plastic surgery and gone on to do a 2-year training certification in cosmetic surgery under New York’s finest cosmetic and plastic surgeons in NYU Downtown, Manhattan. At his clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii, it is ensured that clients are provided all the information about the procedure that they are interested in.

What is eyelid tape?

Eyelid tape is a clear pre cut adhesive tape that is placed on the eyelid to provide it a crease and also to reduce drooping of the eyelids. It is available in different sizes and can be used by people all over the world. The eyelid tape is transparent and is not visible once it is applied. The tape is waterproof and make up can be applied upon it freely. The eyelid tape is hypoallergenic thus reducing any chance of a reaction to its use. The eyelid tape is comfortable to use and allows the skin to breathe easily and doe not interfere in blinking.

Who can use the eyelid tape?

The eyelid tape is not just a means to enhance your beauty but is found useful for people with weak eyelids that are prone to drooping. Support is provided to the eyelids and this also helps improve the scope of vision for the individual. For people who want a double crease eyelid the eyelid tape provides just that with minimum hassle. It also makes the eyes look bigger by ensuring that the eyelids frame it well. For a person considering blepharoplasty the eyelid tape is a good way to decide if you want to have the procedure. Thus by its use you get a fair idea of what to expect of the eyelid surgery. When considering the blepharoplasty procedure Honolulu, Hawaii is the ideal place to have it done at the hands of a reputed and experienced surgeon and also while you recover you can enjoy the idyllic setting of this tropical paradise.

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