Rhinoplasty Cost in Hawaii

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

On average, rhinoplasty surgery would cost about $6,000-$12,000, depending on the amount of surgery required. Also whether it is a primary or secondary rhinoplasty will affect the cost as will the fact that it is closed or an open rhinoplasty.

Unlike a rhinoplasty done for aesthetic reasons, if the procedure were performed for medical reasons your medical insurance company would cover the cost. While the cost of rhinoplasty is an important factor in an individual’s decision to have the procedure, it should not be the guiding factor. It is not necessary that the most expensive surgeon is the best to go with or that the cheapest deal is better. It is important that you focus on the surgeon’s experience and qualification before selecting the right surgeon. You would want to select a surgeon who informs you of all aspects of rhinoplasty including the risk of complications that may be involved. At Dr. Pasquale’s clinic it is ensured that clients understand the procedure they are opting for and are provided all the details. Furthermore it is made certain the patient has realistic expectations of the surgery and that it is done in keeping with the natural facial features of the person.

Understanding the Cost of Rhinoplasty

To understand the rhinoplasty cost it is first important to briefly understand what the surgery entails. Rhinoplasty is a relatively safe plastic surgery procedure that is performed under anesthesia by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. It requires pre and postoperative care. The procedure involves making incisions to remove the skin from the bone and reshaping the bone and cartilage to get the desired shape and then replacing the skin. The incision may be made inside the nostril or in case of an ‘open technique’ at the base of the nose. A splint is used to support the nose and bandages applied. Post operative care is crucial in avoiding risk of complications from the surgery.

Cost of rhinoplasty would include the following:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anesthesiologist’s fees
  • Cost of operating room
  • Pre and post operative care
  • Medication
  • Laboratory costs
  • Cost of nursing

Cosmetic and plastic surgery offers individuals a chance to reshape parts of their body to look more appealing and attractive. One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is rhinoplasty or nose reshaping. It can be performed for functional reasons as well as purely aesthetic ones. Like all plastic surgeries rhinoplasty also comes with a price, albeit a small one for acquiring a shape of the nose that you desire. Rhinoplasty is performed in various parts of the country but Honolulu, Hawaii is the top destination for people who want to have this surgery done. The cost of rhinoplasty varies from region to region and is also dependent on the surgeon. Honolulu, Hawaii is no different in this aspect. Dr. Michael Pasquale is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and has done his residency in plastic surgery. Furthermore he has done a 2-year training certificate in the sub-specialty of cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown, Manhattan. He is also an osteopathic physician and surgeon (D.O.).

Rhinoplasty Cost

The cost of nose surgery (rhinoplasty) in Hawaii will depend on the exact procedure and length of time for the procedure that is performed. Average cost across the entire United States according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons was around 4600.00 in 2014. Yet it is important to realize that this is only the surgeons fee. That cost does not include the anesthesia, operating room fees and other additional cost.

Rhinoplasty Cost how its determined in Hawaii

There are serveral cost factors when your patient coordinator will provide you with a quote upon consultation. This includeds , surgeons fee, time required, operating room fee, materials used such as special splints, anesthiologist fee, medications to be used and the like. All of these have to be calculated in. Dont forget you may miss work time which you should consider as well.

Some surgeons will charge more since they have more experience and additional training. These prices vary dependent on location as well. New York maybe more expensive than say Iowa for example. The fees of the operating room will vary as well if done at the hospital or the surgeons private operating room. Many factors will affect the price such as these.

Rhinoplasty price explained

Our prices are all inclusive with no hidden cost. At the Infinity life center rhinoplasty cost starts from $2000.00 – $12000.00 depending on the type of nose surgery and amount of time needed to complete it. As with all surgeries the amount quoted at Infinity Life Center includes the surgeons fee,anesthesia and operating room costs. Our fee includes all the cost in a one up front fee, no hidden cost , the only additional cost you will pay are medications and blood work. The latter may be covered by your insurance.

Infinity Life Center Hawaii Cost Savings

We at the Infinity Life Center keep your cost to the minimum and we save you money by having our own operating rooms. All of our patients after rhinoplasty in Hawaii go back to their hotel room or home where they are more comfortable. The added benifit is they avoid expensive and somewhat over priced hospital fees.

There are financing options available for all patients and surgeries so don’t hesitate to ask your patient coordinator about payment plans.

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