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By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Our plastic surgery practice has been operating in Honolulu Hawaii for decades. His staff knows the patients, the procedures and protocols for all of our patients well. The care we provide is friendly, warm and always respectful. Our staff has a reputation for providing the care you deserve.

Waterfront Plaza – Honolulu

The Waterfront Plaza is one of Honolulu Hawaii’s landmark buildings with Restaurants and shops you can also visit after or before your appointment. We are located in building number 4 on the 4th floor suite 470. Our facility in Honolulu Hawaii is a true destination. Especially for those that seek the best in medical care from the state of the art design to the friendly atmosphere – all synonymous with luxury care. However, we are starting to renovate our facility over the next few months. The Waterfront Plaza known to local as Restaurant Row is home to many medical facilities and professionals. Cat Scan x-rays as well as blood lab are steps from our door so you do not have to travel all over town just to have a blood test or x-ray. The facility has spacious treatment rooms, state of the art equipment and great staff.

Clinic Parking

Parking garage is available with validation. The office of Dr. Michael Pasquale has been in the same location for many years. His staff knows the patients , the procedures and protocols for all of our patients well. The care we provide is friendly , warm and always respectful. Our staff has a reputation for providing the care you deserve.

Your care is our priority.

Our office’s warm atmosphere and Dr. Pasquale’s renowned results bring many patients to our practice from Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, Japan, and other places. Dr. Pasquale offers his patients personal attention, exceptional care, and superior facial surgery. His extensive training in osteopathic medicine, plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery has given Dr. Pasquale a unique perspective on the art and science of facial plastic surgery. As a doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.), Dr. Pasquale has received training in special methods and techniques that allow him to base his practice on holistic ideas of health and beauty.

The Infinity Life Center brings together specialists from across the health care and cosmetic industries and allows them to collaborate to offer clients the unparalleled advantage of an integrated approach. Many of our practitioners are teaching physicians and experts in such fields as Plastic Surgery, Integrative Medicine, Laser Medicine, and Aesthetic Medicine.

Individualized Optimal Care

One thing you will notice at your first visit is the extensive interview which delves into detailed information regarding your lifestyle and health conditions. It may even seem strange to be asked so many questions about things which do not appear to be related to why you came to visit, but here at Infinity we believe that in order to truly provide the best care, we need to treat the whole person and not just the symptom or problem that brought you through our doors. This is all in keeping with our philosophy of optimizing your total wellbeing.

Multiple Medical Consultants

The Infinity Life Center is one of our center with comprehensive services ranging from nutritional assessment, detox, IV nutrition, plastic surgery, and medical skin care all available under one roof. It is by combining all of these specialties and collaborating with physicians including board certified plastic surgeons, integrated medical specialists, anti-aging doctors, and dermatologic specialists that we ensure the best our industry can offer using our multi-specialty, multi-consultant approach. Our network of consultants is global and international as are our consulting staff and physicians, many of whom hail from Japan, China, Korea and Europe, as well as the USA. Our goal is simply to help you optimize your inner health and outer appearance in an environment of luxury and comfort.

Teaching in Shanghai

The brain trust of this collaborative was born in Shanghai, China in 2012 when our Chief of Surgery, Dr. Michael Pasquale, was teaching in plastic surgery and providing medical care consulting in Asia. He came up with an idea not only to create a comprehensive exclusive wellness and cosmetic clinic, but to extend that concept internationally by combining only the best of the best in various specialties from around the globe. From there we have assembled an exceptional team with the goal of providing the world’s best health and cosmetic services in concierge style clinics.

We realize that our exclusive clinics are not for everyone, nor are they intended to be as our clients come to us seeking the very best available within the industry and around the world.

Medical Director for the Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center

The Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center was developed by Dr. Michael Pasquale and is the first such center here in our state. Dr. Pasquale has been involved in stem cell research, first developing his interest in 2005, then in 2011 took time off to study stem cell treatments in Europe , Japan and Korea. In 2013 he created the first clinical lab for stem cell processing in the South Pacific. Patients began enrolling in studies in 2013 and this continues today. Dr. Pasquale is the Chairman for the stem cell conference held annually in South Korea. He has utilized stem cells for both medical and cosmetic use for over 8 years.

His vast knowledge of the integrated approach from his Osteopathic training and Allopathic training makes him ideally suited for leadership. Dr Michael’s cosmetic plastic surgery practice includes some of the more complicated cases seen such as revision of previously done breast implants, facial plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures of the body.

He is also the quality control officer and medical director. If at any time you do not feel satisfied he is the one you want to speak with. Dr. Michael is responsible for medical staff recruitment. His door is always open.

Chief Of Plastic Surgery & Medical Director

Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale is the Chief of plastic surgery for the Infinity Life Centers here and our international clinics. Dr. Michael as he is known in Asia, has international teaching experience in Japan, China, Korea and Europe. He has over 25 years experience in surgery including trauma surgery in New York’s Bellevue Hospital at New York University.

Dr. Pasquale completed his residencies in general surgery and plastic surgery at New York University Medical Center and Eastern Virginia Medical School Institute of Reconstructive Microsurgery. With over 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience, he completed an additional two year preceptorship in cosmetic surgery at New York Universities Downtown Hospital. Dr Michael is Board Certified and he re-certified in Plastic Surgery in 2011.

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