Mini Facelift

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

The mini facelift or “weekend facelift” is a quick and easy way to improve your looks and reverse the signs of aging without having to go through a major procedure and long recovery time. There is less risk of complications from a mini facelift when compared to a regular facelift procedure. Mini facelifts cost less than the standard facelift so that it is more attractive to those for whom money is tight.

Minor Sagging & Wrinkling

When you have a mini facelift, you correct minor sagging and wrinkling from around the cheek area and jaw area. It is a quick procedure to undergo and it focuses on specific areas of the face. This is with smaller incisions and less disruption of the tissues. A mini facelift often means the doctor may use endoscopy or laser lift.This can be combined to perform all or part of the procedure so that the tissue can be relatively unscathed, except for the part being worked on. Smaller repositions are done to the tissue and the result is more subtle with less scarring and fewer incision lengths.

mini face lift

Good candidates for mini facelifts are those that are just noticing the signs of aging and don’t want or need to undergo a major procedure. Generally, these are patients in their late 30s and 40s who want to get rid of a bit of sagging or drooping of the cheek, jowl or neck area. If a lot of work is desired, then a complete facelift is necessary. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for a mini facelift or if you need a more extensive procedure.

Mini or Major Traditional Facelift

A traditional facelift is one in which the patient wants major wrinkle work, treatment of sagging and nasolabial fold reduction including their entire face. On the contrary, a mini facelift is done to patients who just have a few areas of work they want treated. The mini facelift can touch up small problem areas and will leave the rest of the face alone. Mini facelifts don’t do anything for the forehead or brow area whereas you can get poartial results in these areas with a traditional face lift.

Smaller Incisions

The incisions used for a mini facelift are smaller than for a regular face lift. The doctor can make a small incision along the hairline and use an endoscope to get to the jowl area. The tissues can be tightened up and fat can be removed via liposuction. The skin is pulled up and excess is trimmed off or repositioned. The suture line is then sutured closed with tiny sutures which are pulled out after 4-5 days.

You can easily have a mini facelift on Friday and be ready to return to work on Monday. The bruising is minimal and there is a small amount of swelling that goes away after about two to three days. There is a rare chance of infection which is treated with antibiotics.

A non-endoscopic method can be done depending on what is decided by the doctor and on the places of the face that need to be treated. The small cuts made around the face are for removal or adding of fat and for the tightening of muscles. Rather than the larger incisions in the standard face lift, several small incisions. These are closed after the surgery with minimal manipulation so that the overall effect on the facial features is less.

Our cosmetic plastic surgeons can help you decide if a mini facelift procedure is the right choice for you. We specialize in making sure we do not want you over sold or do something you may regret. Infinity Life Center keeps its goal on mind of making an optimal you.

The cost of a mini facelift is from $3000 to $6500 and averages about $4500. This is far less than a regular face lift, which makes it such an attractive procedure for people to pursue.

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