Eyelid Laser Skin Resurfacing

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Options in resurfacing in eyelids

There are several wonderful minimally invasive surgical procedures for eyelids that we have at the Infinity Life Center. Chemical peels are one option or radio frequency as well, the more common is LASER resurfacing of the eyelids to get rid of those small lines and wrinkles.

Laser skin resurfacing of the eyelid involves a laser device that triggers collagen formation of the eyelid and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. This is done by LASER ablating the outer skin layer. The goal is to stimulate the formation of wrinkles by tightening the deeper layers of the skin, along with changing the skin texture and making new collagen. This is healthy for the skin so that it can look and feel younger than ever before. No general anesthesia is required in most cases of laser skin resurfacing of the eyelid.

This is considered a minimally invasive procedure, but, since it is ablative, it requires local anesthesia. Under local like going to the dentist, the area will be completely numb and you should feel no discomfort.

LASER resurfacing with erbium or co2 of eyelids

Laser skin resurfacing uses an erbium or a carbon dioxide laser. Although other LASERS are used as well for other skin purposes such as pulse dye. The carbon dioxide laser is the stronger procedure and most common. This can be with a very strong LASER which is full ablation or a faster healing type which is done with the fractional.This will depend on your needs as to which will give you the best results.

Some of our doctors use many types of lasers.Once decided what is best for your eyelid skin. The laser is set to the proper parameters and is passed over the skin. You can treat just the eyelids or if you decide treat the whole face at the same time. Newer lasers are available that are more effective and cause fewer side effects.

Minimally Invasive LASER Resurfacing of eyelid skin.

The advantage of laser procedures is that it is relatively noninvasive and ablates the top layer of skin easily. The second effect is it stimulates the dermis of the skin and causing new collagen to be formed. This occurs over the course of several weeks , to months and up to a year of improving results depending on what is being done. This is a controlled procedure to the eyelid that results in healing that makes the skin look better.Most deep wrinkles are lessened by 50-70 percent using laser resurfacing of the eyelid.Smaller wrinkles will no longer be apparent.

LASER Eyelid Recovery

The recovery of the laser resurfacing the eyelid involves putting ointment on the affected area to help it heal faster. You need to avoid exposure of the eyelids to the sun for many months after the procedure is done. This means putting on sunscreen, wearing wrap around glasses, and wearing a hat to keep the sun off the face. Most healing so you can be seen in public will be 3-8 days again depending on the technique used.

We at the Infinity Life Center will do all we can to make your recovery go fast and quick with many of are treatments designed to make a rapid recovery. If you want to learn more just call for an appointment or fill out the form to contact us.

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