By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Mesotherapy treatment involves injecting microscopic quantities of natural extracts, homeopathic agents, pharmaceuticals, and vitamins directly beneath the surface of the skin. While it can be used to remove cellulite and to promote weight loss, it is mainly used to treat sagging and signs of aging. It is a safe alternative to other invasive cosmetic procedures.

How does Mesotherapy work?

The special formula used in Mesotherapy is composed of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This formula stimulates the cells, making them more active and triggering the production of collagen and elastin, substances that give the skin its youthful appearance. Mesotherapy will also stimulate your metabolism. As the skin ages and metabolism slows down, circulation is decreased, which hinders the body’s ability to flush out natural toxins. This is the cause of premature ageing and in some cases a grayish discoloration in the skin.

While most women start Mesotherapy treatments in their thirties, mesotherapy can also be provided as an anti-ageing treatment to patients in their mid twenties, to prevent wrinkles from forming. The formula also serves to reduce the fat in your cellulite tissue, improve circulation, and to smoothen the skin’s surface by breaking down damaged connective tissue. Mesotherapy will also prevent cells from storing fat as well as breaking down existing fat cells.

What are the benefits of Mesotherapy over surgical techniques such as liposuction?
Liposuction does not treat conditions such as the appearance of cellulite, and can actually make cellulite in the body more noticeable. Mesotherapy treats cellulite directly, flushing fat deposits from the body and making sure that they do not reappear in other areas, which can occur after liposuction. While being a more appropriate treatment for cellulite, mesotherapy does not require any hospitalization, general anesthesia, (administering general anesthesia comes with many complications) or downtime. Patients can resume their normal activities after a mesotherapy treatment with only minor restrictions for the first day.

What does Mesotherapy treatment involve?

The formula will be injected into the skin with a very fine needle, right beneath the surface of the skin. Multiply injections are made to cover the area in treatment. Each treatment takes areound ten to twenty minutes to complete, depending on the surface area of the site.

How many treatment sessions do I need?

Every patient will react differently to the formula, but results will usually be visible after 2-3 treatment sessions. On average, it takes from eight to ten sessions to This also varies depending on the area that is treated. In some cases patients will see a difference after only one treatment session.

Is it painful?

Patients may experience a slight burning sensation when the formula is injected. For patients with a low pain threshold, a topical anesthetic may be provided to make the treatment painless.

Are there side effects?

Patients may experience a temporary soreness, which generally subsides within a day or two. Bruising is another common side effect, which should subside in a period of about a week.

What cosmetic conditions can mesotherapy treat?

While Mesotherapy is also used to treat a great number of injuries, illnesses and other medical conditions, it’s cosmetic properties are used to treat acne, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles, as well as to reduce and contour fat in the body.

Will the results last?

The results are long lasting, especially when combined with proper diet and exercise. Though mesotherapy cannot stop the body’s natural ageing process, regular treatments can slow ageing signs. For this reason, regular treatment sessions are recommended.

Is there any down time after Mesotherapy treatment?

No. The patient can continue on with their daily activities after treatment, although there are some restrictions. Patients wil be instructed not to take hot showers for at least 6-8 hours after a mesotherapy session. For facial mesotherapy treatments, the patient is advised not to wear makeup for a peiod of at least 4 hours.

Patients are also advised to eat a high protien meal afterwards, and not to take any caffiene or other stimulants.

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