Laser Neck Lift Honolulu Hawaii

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

The laser neck lift is a minimally invasive, non surgical, no downtime treatment to reduce neck fat and tighten skin around the neck and jawline with a very high patient satisfaction rate. The laser neck lift is extremely effective at getting rid of unsightly jowls or double chins without the trauma and long recovery times of a traditional surgical neck lift. This treatment uses our Cynosure PrecisionTx laser and is performed with only local anesthetic.

How much does the laser neck lift cost?

The average cost of the Precision Tx Laser Neck Lift is $4500.00 at our Honolulu plastic surgery clinic. Prices will always vary, depending on the health, medical history and body type of the patient. A consultation is required to accurately provide a patient with a final price for laser neck lift surgery.

What happens during a laser neck lift?

The entire surgery is completed in under an hour. The patient is awake but made to feel comfortable throughout the entire painless procedure. General anesthesia isnt necessary for laser neck lift surgery. First the patient is injected with local anesthetic to numb the neck area, jawline and the incision sites. A laser neck lift requires that 3 very small incisions are made – one behind each ear and one below the chin. These incisions will be practically invisible after fully healed. A small fiber optic wire is slipped into the small holes just below the skin. This small catheter emits laser energy to liquify the fat which is removed through a small suction device. The laser also stimulates collagen growth from the inside and then outward to the surface areas of the skin. Its this collagen growth which causes the skin to tighten and pull up significantly reducing the double chin or turkey neck appearance. The skin improves in texture and tightness continually over the next several months revealing a more youthful, smooth skin and jawline.

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