By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Breast lift surgical diagram illustrating the different types of incisions used to raise and lift the breasts.
Breast lift surgical diagram illustrating the different types of incisions used to raise and lift the breasts. The incisions shown suggest the following types of breast lifts: Crescent Breast Lift, Periareolar Breast Lift, Vertical Breast Lift and Anchor Breast Lift.

What Does a Breast Lift Do?

Breasts lifts are ideal for women with small sagging breasts. While the cosmetic surgery may be performed on women with heavy breasts, the effect may not remain for long and the breasts may sag again in the future. Essentially what the breast lift does is to remove the excess skin in the breasts that is distorting its shape. This is done in a 2-3 hour procedure under general anesthesia (in some cases local anesthetic may be used.) The excess skin under the areola is removed and the nipples and areola positioned higher. Thereafter the remaining skin around and under the areola is stitched back providing a lift to the breasts.

The stitches are generally in a vertical line from under the areola and along the lower crease of the breast. The stitches will cause scarring and though they will fade with time, they will not disappear completely. However the incisions and stitches are positioned that so that they are covered by the bra and will not be visible in a low neck dress or in a bikini. For women with small breasts with less sagging, a ‘donut mastopexy’ or breast lift may be performed. In this case the incisions are less invasive and are in concentric circles around the nipple area. If you are planning on having a baby then it is suggested that you postpone your breast lift until after the delivery and the nursing as the hormones may cause the breasts to sag.

Breast Lift Cost

The price of a breast lift ranges between $7,000 and $9,000 and would depend on the surgeon. To understand the price of mastopexy surgery, it is crucial to understand what the surgery involves. Essentially loose skin is removed from under the nipple area and then the areola and nipple are repositioned higher. Having said this, there are different breast lift techniques which are used to correct the different levels of breast sagging a patient is experiencing. Some breasts require much more extensive breast lift surgery, resulting in a longer, more difficult and more technically involved and risky surgery (anchor breast lift). In some cases where the sagging is less a donut mastopexy may be preformed; in this the skin is removed in concentric circles around the areola and these results in lesser amount of incisions and scarring. The procedure requires to be performed by a competent and experienced plastic or cosmetic surgeon. The procedure requires the use of anesthesia and would need the patient to rest for 1-2 weeks before going back to her daily routine. Strenuous activity is to be avoided for 5-6 weeks or advised by the surgeon. Pre and post operative care is vital and would require medication.

The mastopexy cost varies from state to state and is also dependent on the surgeon performing the surgery. Mastopexy cost includes the following, and this is also the case when you are getting mastopexy in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • The cosmetic or plastic surgeon’s fee
  • The anesthesiologist’s fee
  • Operating Room charges
  • Medications
  • Additional medical charges may include laboratory fees, physicals, and x-rays.

A normal breast lift that utilizes the traditional anchor-shaped mastopexy breast lift surgical technique would cost about $4,148 -$8,500. While mastopexy cost for surgeries that use the concentric mastopexy breast lift technique which is also known as Benelli mastopexy, peri-areolar mastopexy, donut mastopexy, or circum-areolar breast lift would range between $3,500 and $7,500. A combined breast lift with breast augmentation surgeries range between $7,000 and $10,000. If you are receiving cost estimated for breast lifting and mastopexy make sure that you know exactly what the cost for mastopexy includes such as OR FEE, not only the cost of anesthesia but if done by a separate expert in anesthesia. While considering mastopexy the cost of the surgery is a vital factor but it is essential to understand that the cost should not help you decide where and whom to get the cosmetic breast surgery done by. If the cost is really low compared to these figures you should question why. Is it done by a non board certified surgeon or inexperienced? Make sure you feel comfortable with the surgeon.

The experience and qualification of the surgeon is crucial as this surgery like any other medical surgery includes risks and complications.

Mastopexy cost in our Honolulu, Hawaii Clinic, like every else in the country is dependent on many factors, but your individual cost can only determined at a consultation. This can also be determined by a virtual consultation utilizing email with digital photos. If you would like a cost estimate it always best to make an appointment with one of our patient coordinators and Dr. Pasquale. Yet if this is impossible due to the distance, estimates can be obtained by our virtual consultation.

What’s the Difference Between a Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation?

Many people confuse breast lifts with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery. The simplest and easiest way to differentiate between the two is that a breast lift removes the excess skin that causes the breasts to sag and reshapes it; breast augmentation involves the placing of a breast implant above or below the chest muscle in order to augment the breasts. While breast lifts don’t change the firmness and size of breasts, breast implants do. Childbirth, nursing, and aging can cause the breasts to sag over time, changing the shape and contour of the breast. This fact leads many woman to seek breast lift (technically known as mastopexy). There are many variations of mastopexy which may be chosen. One thing that all of these procedures have in common is that there is a resulting scar on the breast. This may be only mildly perceptible or may be more noticeable, based on the type of procedure done. Be sure to discuss your concerns about scarring with Dr. Pasquale.

The decision for breast reshaping will depend on the type and extent of change you are looking for. Some women choose to combine breast augmentation and breast lift to restore youthful volume and contour at the same time.

Dr. Pasquale uses many techniques for reshaping the breast. Your desired outcome, your shape, concerns about scarring, and individual anatomy will all be considered. Some of the women pictured on this site are real breast lift patients of Dr. Pasquale. Although you are not guaranteed to have results identical to theirs, the photos should help give you a realistic idea of what breast lift results can look like.

What’s the Difference Between a Breast Lift and Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction is technically done for reasons other than aesthetics or beauty. A breast lift’s is technically done only for appearance’s sake, and it’s purpose is purely for aesthetic reasons. A breast reduction, for this reason can be covered by insurance, while a breast lift cannot be paid for by insurance. A breast reduction and a breast lift both use the same surgical techniques and principles, although they are performed for different reasons. A breast reduction is used to alleviate physical pain and discomfort attributed to large breasts.


Mastopexy is a breast surgical procedure that many women with sagging breasts are turning to. This surgery raises the breasts on the torso and improves the sagging or laxity of the breasts. Dr. Michael Pasquale is one of the few surgeons to have completed his entire residency in plastic surgery and also has to his credit a 2-year training certificate in cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown, Manhattan. His clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii offers concentric mastopexy as well as the standard mastopexy.

What is a Concentric Breast Lift?

Concentric mastopexy is also referred to as donut mastopexy and the incisions in this case are made around the areola in concentric circles and the loose skin removed after which the nipple and areola area are repositioned to a higher position and the skin is sutured.

Ideal Candidates for Concentric Mastopexy

Concentric mastopexy is suitable in cases where the woman has comparatively smaller breasts and the sagging is minimal. Thus a surgeon will be able to recommend a concentric mastopexy after he has examined the condition of the breasts.

Concentric Mastopexy Procedure

The concentric mastopexy procedure is quite like any other surgery and needs to be performed under anesthesia. In some cases localized anesthesia may be used instead of general anesthesia. It lasts about 2-4 hours and the patient wakes up with sore and swollen breasts. Medication to cover the discomfort helps the patient relax. A surgical bra may be worn over the gauge dressings in the initial days, thereafter a softer support bra may be worn.

For the first week or two the patient is to rest after which she can return to her daily routine. Strenuous activities must be avoided until 5-6 weeks after the surgery or as per the cosmetic surgeon’s instructions. The breast skin will feel dry and may be hydrated by applying a moisturizer gently. Care must be taken to avoid the suture areas. Sometimes there may be wrinkling or puckering of the breast skin as there is more skin that required. This will usually subside in a few weeks and if it does not then you need to contact your cosmetic surgeon.

Advantages of the Concentric Mastopexy

Concentric mastopexy requires lesser incisions as compared to the standard mastopexy and thus scarring is lesser.
Since the incisions are restricted to the areola area the fact that the woman has had a mastopexy would in all probability not be noticeable.

Breast augmentation may be done in the same procedure as the concentric mastopexy and the cosmetic surgeon needs to be consulted regarding this matter. At our clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii, clients are encouraged to discuss their thoughts and expectations of the concentric mastopexy procedure so that they have a clear picture of it. Also it is vital to understand that a breast lift doesn’t ensure that the breast may not sag again.

A woman’s breast size and shape not only effect the way she looks, but also the manner in which she perceives herself. With time the breasts change in shape and size and women often find themselves faced with sagging breasts which don’t give them the appearance that they desire. Whether it is the effect of the hormonal fluctuations in the body during pregnancy or just the effect of age and gravity sagging breasts can in fact be lifted. The cosmetic surgical procedure of mastopexy is a procedure that removes excess skin and lifts and reshapes the breast.

Hawaii is the popular choice amongst women who want to have mastopexy done. Honolulu, Hawaii, provides some of the best breast cosmetic surgery and care available in the world. Honolulu, Hawaii, based Dr. Michael Pasquale is amongst the few surgeons in the world to have completed his residency in plastic surgery and also obtained a 2-year training certification in cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown in Manhattan, New York. At Dr. Pasquale’s clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii, clients are evaluated in terms of what they desire of the mastopexy procedure and made aware of options such as donut mastopexy which is also available here.

What is a Donut Mastopexy?

Mastopexy basically removes loose and excess skin from the breast and then the skin is closed thereby providing a lift to the breast. The areola and nipple are relocated to a higher area. Donut mastopexy is when a circular incisions is made around the areola and a donut shaped part of the skin is removed to take away the excess loose skin. This is in contrast to a mastopexy where the incision is made under the breast. The advantage is there is only a slightly visible scar around the areola and not the anchor shape one can see with traditional mastopexy.

Prime Candidates for Donut Mastopexy

Donut mastopexy is meant for women with small breasts and with less sagging. To assess if donut mastopexy will be the right procedure for a woman the following points are to be considered:

  • Condition of skin
  • Size and shape of breasts
  • Amount of sagging of skin

Advantage of a Donut Mastopexy

The biggest advantage of the donut mastopexy is that it requires lesser incisions and thus is less invasive. Also as the incisions are reduced so will be the scarring. Also the scars will be only under the areola and will not be visible even in the smallest of bikinis. Donut mastopexy can be combined with breast augmentation and the implant can be place under the breast tissue or under the muscle. Both donut mastopexy and breast augmentation can be done in the same procedure.

Recovery from a Donut Mastopexy

Donut mastopexy can be performed under general or local anesthesia. The patient would have to initially wear a surgical bra over the gauge bandages. For the first week or two the patient is advised rest and thereafter can begin her daily routine. It is recommended that she go back to more strenuous activity and exercise only after 4-5 weeks.

These are actual breast lift mastopexy patients of Dr. Michael A. Pasquale. All of these patients were different in their individual needs and each one required a specific type of breast lift. Some patients also recieved breast implants (breast augmentation surgery) during the breast lift procedure. This breast augmentation lift surgery can add much needed volume to severely sagging breasts.

Breast lift is also referred to as mastopexy surgery. A breast lift essentially changes the shape and contour of the breast and elevates the nipple or areola on the breast as a whole. Women who are postpartum, going through menopause, have lost weight or developed sagging breasts as a result of aging are perfect candidates for breast lift. Breast lift surgery is an outpatient procedure performed in 1 of our state of the art operating rooms. A simple breast lift may only take little more than 2 hours whereas a more complicated breast lift may take 3 to 4 hours to complete. Most breast lifts are performed with the patient under anesthesia but some simple breast lifts may be done with the patient under local anesthetic and mild sedation.

There are several different techniques used for breast lift surgery that depend on the level of lift required for the varying severities of sagging breasts or ptosis. The most common breast lifts types are: anchor pattern, inverted “T”, lollipop and crescent lift. Only by being evaluated by an experienced and skilled breast surgeon can you figure out exactly which type of breast lift you need. Oftentimes a breast lift combined with a Breast Augmentation can have excellent results providing volume, symmetry and lift to the breasts.

After the breast lift procedure is completed the incisions are dressed and the breasts are wrapped with bandages. The patient is then awoken from anesthesia and moved to the recovery center where their vitals are monitored by clinical staff until the surgeon clears the patient for discharge. All patients are given detailed instructions to follow during their pre op visits with the clinical staff. These instructions include wound care, prescriptions, surgery information and follow up appointments. Its very important to follow the instructions set forth so that complications are avoided.

Recovery from Mastopexy in Honolulu, Hawaii

Mastopexy normally requires the removal of excess skin from under the areola and then placing the nipple and areola higher. The incisions are extensive and stitches are placed in a vertical line from the nipple area to the lower part of the breast. In case of breasts that have minimal sagging and smaller breasts a donut mastopexy may be performed. In this case the skin is removed in concentric circles around the areola and incisions are lesser as is the scarring. The scarring from mastopexy is permanent though your surgeon will try to ensure that visibility is minimum.

The Mastopexy Procedure and Recovery

The surgery takes 2-4 hours and is performed under the anesthesia. The breasts are sore, swollen and bruised after the surgery and a surgical bra has to be worn over the gauge dressings. For a day or two the discomfort remains and your surgeon may prescribe medication for it. After a couple of days the surgical bra can be replaced by a softer support bra. For the first one or two weeks rest is recommended after which the stitches would be removed unless they are the dissolvable sort. Since the skin is prone to dryness a moisturizer may be applied gently and with care to avoid the area of the incisions. The client can go back to her daily routine in about 2 weeks but strenuous activities should be avoided till 4-5 weeks or as recommended by the surgeon. Numbness of the nipple area and breast skin is not unusual and these usually take a while to subside.

Honolulu, Hawaii, provides a wonderful setting to relax and recover from mastopexy. The medical care available here is the very best. It is vital that you select a surgeon who has the expertise and experience required for this cosmetic breast surgery. At our clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii, we ensure that the client has realistic expectations of the surgery and understand what the surgery entails. It is vital that the woman understand that a mastopexy does not ensure that the breasts may not get saggy again. However your surgeon will help you understand a post operative care routine that will help.

The cost of a breast lift will range from $4500.00 – $10,000.00 depending on the type of breast lift necessary to achieve the desired results. Patient health and medical history may also have an effect on how much the breast lift costs. Very few experienced plastic surgeons would be able to quote a firm price for a breast lift without first evaluating the patient in person. The cost of a breast lift at Infinity Life Center includes surgeons fee, anesthesia and OR fee. The best possible way to get an accurate breast lift cost is to call or contact us and schedule a free consultation.

Cosmetic surgery has made it possible for men and women across the globe to achieve a look and body they desire. Whether it is removal of fat or giving sagging breasts a whole new lease of life cosmetic surgery makes it all possible. Hawaii, and Honolulu in particular is a popular destination for breast cosmetic surgery. Mastopexy is a surgical procedure that removes saggy skin from breasts and gives them a new look. It requires the skills of a proficient surgeon.

Breast Lift Risks

Many of the more complicated breast lift procedures require that a patient be administered anesthesia. As with any surgical procedure that requires anesthesia there is always a risk of an adverse reaction. Some of the risks associated with breast lift surgery are: partial loss of nipple sensation, difficulty producing breast milk, infection, poorly healed scars, bleeding.

Breast Lift With Breast Implants

Fitness is in and flab is out and it has been so for many years now. Everyone wants a well sculpted body that makes them look attractive. For a long time women who had saggy breasts could do little but avoid clothing that focused on their breasts. However the developments in cosmetic breast surgery have made it possible for women with sagging breasts to say goodbye to breasts they did not find flattering.

A mastopexy or a breast lift is a cosmetic breast surgical procedure removes the excess skin from the breasts and repositions the nipple and areola; thereby providing the woman with firm, perky breasts. The sagging may have been caused due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or could just be due to time and gravity.

Honolulu, Hawaii, is not just the most popular destination for tourists attracted by its scenic beauty and rich culture but it is also home to some of the world’s best cosmetic and plastic surgeons. For women who want to get cosmetic breast surgery Honolulu, Hawaii, offers the best surgical and medical care and also a wonderful tropical setting to recover in. Dr. Michael Pasquale is amongst the few surgeons who has completed his full residency in plastic surgery and gone on to do a 2-year training certificate in cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown, Manhattan. At our clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii, mastopexy with augmentation is offered and clients are made aware of all aspects of the procedure.

Mastopexy with Augmentation in Honolulu, Hawaii

Mastopexy can be done in conjunction with augmentation. Thus if a woman not only wants to change her breasts from being saggy to shapely and a size bigger, it can be done. While mastopexy with augmentation is possible for all types of breasts, for women with heavier breasts they may not find the effects lasting for very long.

In mastopexy the sagging skin under the breast is removed and then stitched up. The nipple and areola are positioned higher. When mastopexy with augmentation is done then the breast implant is also placed during the same procedure.

Dr. Pasquale at his Honolulu, Hawaii clinic advises according to the case at hand. If the sagging is not much a peri-areola incision may be made decided upon.. This is also called the donut mastopexy due to its shape and requires lesser incisions and thus scarring.

The success of mastopexy with augmentation is dependent on a number of factors such the client’s skin, whether the implant will be placed over the muscle or below it. It is important that the skin is able to support the implant. Usually a below the muscle approach works the best as the implant has more breast tissue over it, making it look natural. And this technique also provides the implant the support of the muscle.

At our clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii, clients are encouraged to express their thoughts on the procedure and the final effect in order to ensure that they have realistic expectations. We want to make sure you take part in all decisions.
Mastopexy with augmentation requires a reputable and experienced surgeon as it combines two cosmetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation with mastopexy. Honolulu, Hawaii, provides a great setting to relax and recover from the surgery our patient coordinators can help you find accommodations during your stay.

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