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By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

One sign of aging that is easily noted is the saggy and loose neck skin. Take a look at almost anyone over the age of 40 and you can start to see the telltale signs of aging. The neck line will easily reveal the age. Some people are born with an inherent fatty neck and a neck lift can help these individuals. Take a look at the patient below. His neck has been treated by Dr. Pasquale in his Hawaii Clinic with liposuction and neck lift procedure.

Each patient necklift is custom tailored

It is important to realize that there are many different procedures we use that can be tailored to the neck condition you have. Your concerns will be addressed with Dr. Pasquale to decide which specific type of neck lift procedure will be incorporated into your neck lift plan. As example, the older lady who came to Dr. Pasquale’s Honolulu Hawaii clinic is seen below has a condition we call platysma bands.

Neck Bands Before and After Treatment at our Hawaii Clinic

Some individuals may need playtisma bands removed, which are the firm cord-like tissues running up and down the neck as seen above, others may only require a skin tightening. Dr. Pasquale and his staff will provide you with the time and guidance you need to decide upon what neck lift procedures are best for you. Our Honolulu Hawaii Face Lift clinic may be able to help you.

Neck Lift Surgery

Dr. Pasquale in his Hawaii cosmetic surgery clinic treats many male patients with neck lifts, as you can see from the above gentleman with severe platysma bands. This actual patient of Dr. Pasquale was treated with lower face lift and neck lift surgery.

Recovery From Neck Lift

Is less than two weeks for most individuals who can return to work. Neck lift patients in our Honolulu Clinic will spend approximately 5 hours at our clinic including the actual operation time. We send our neck lift patients home after surgery in most cases so its considered a same day procedure.

Complications of Neck Lift

As with any cosmetic surgery neck lifts have very few complications. However, there are risks that do occur such as bleeding, bruising, infection, unsightly scarring and possible nerve injury. These complications in regards to neck lift surgery are very rare.

Benefits of Neck Lift

Most of the benefits of neck lift surgery are purely cosmetic, which can increase a persons self esteem or self image. The benefits of neck lift translate into a positive sense of well being and a perception by others that you are more youthful and energetic.

For more information on the neck lift watch the face lift surgery video animation. It is an excellent educational tool for our neck lift patients to fully understand the procedure.

Neck lift procedures or liposuction of the neck are performed frequently in our Hawaii Clinic where safety is our number one concern. Please contact our office or email us for further information. Our consultation for neck lift typically lasts one hour with Dr. Pasquale and his staff.

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