Best Price for Botulinum Toxin and Fillers

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Just Honest Talk from Dr. Pasquale

This may be a little too direct for some in the medical professions, but being subtle and not playing with words has never been my forte. So if you’re a doctor or nurse reading this sorry, but it is my opinion after 23 years of seeing consumers and cosmetic procedures. To you who poo poo these words I have news for you the consumers of these services have voted.

Everyone and their mother is selling Botulinum Toxin

You may have noticed how everyone and anyone these days is performing Botulinum Toxin and filler injections. You see various prices and discounts, specials and many offers if you just try this doctor or this clinic. The reason why is the companies who produce these products want every medical professional including nurses to inject them into your face. Now the companies give short courses to these nurses and doctors to increase their profit. Once only the domain of Plastic Surgeons Specialist, now it seems these are done by everyone from family doctors and nurses to even anesthesiologist. Now these doctors and nurses can sign up for a quick course and be expert cosmetic specialist as well. So it goes.

As a plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience with Botulinum Toxin for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery ( nerve injuries before it was approved for cosmetic ) I feel I can speak as an expert’s expert unchallenged in this regard. Only recently have the nurses and doctors of all specialties attempted to earn extra money by taking on side line cosmetic procedures such as Botulinum Toxin. Its a fact, they simply cannot earn the living they once could with insurance paid medical care they were traiend to do. Simple and in most cases they do ok so basically they have come in and under cut the price of most plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons no longer have the monopoly on these smaller procedures nor are there limits as far as who can do this. Yet plastic surgeons as whole do have superior training and specifically in cosmetic procedures. They understand the nerve and muscle function of the face enough to perform surgery unlike the others. Some such as myself have not only the required two years of plastic surgery residency training, but an additional two years training in pure cosmetic procedures.

Best price for you

So as a consumer do you care about all of this training that plastic surgeons have , well perhaps, but when your talking about 200 dollars more and you can get a similar result for less probably not. That is unless your one of the lucky few who have unlimited financial resources for your appearance maintenance. Certainly if you can afford it go for the best. Yet like most of us we cannot go out and buy the mos expensive watch just because its made by the best craftsman.

So what can plastic surgeons such as myself do to entice you to come into our practice as opposed to going down the street to a nurse injector for less money sometimes a lot less. Well we live in the age of and patients vote by going to the cheapest if they believe the quality is about the same. That is a fact I have faced.

Why is Dr. Pasquale so inexpensive?

Yet then again I am a plastic surgeon and my practice is not limited to fillers and Botulinum Toxin. Most of my earnings and what I have trained to do to at a very high level, is for cosmetic surgery such as face lifts , breast augmentations, eyelid surgery and the like. So why should I care about battling price over the other physicians and nurses?

So why would an experienced expert in this area of injectables make prices available that actually beat the prices of the others. Well its certainly not because my work is poor or cheap. The real reason is I do get benefit that is I have a chance to know them and let them see the other wonderful procedures we do.

The final reason is I like what I do and like to see the changes I can make, as I feel I give great advice and happen to believe I do it better than 98% of those who do this, so that is fun for me. Nothing makes me happier than a patient who has been elswhere and thought they were happy until they see our results on them. Is this always 100% the case –frankly no its not, but many times it is so we are happy to compete on price and quality. I believe you will see the difference. You will not have the cookie cutter short course treatent here but the custom and individual treatment you deserve all at a lower price.

With this as my motivation that is why we have the best prices in Hawaii and what we believe is superior quality. Give us a try and save money while being surprised at the superior quality. I am not sure how long I will make these special prices available but for now we do limit the number of clients we see for injectables per week.

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