FaceLift in Men

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Facelifts can be performed on both men and women. As with women, men may want facelifts for the following reasons: advanced age, stress, sun exposure, or smoking. However, the procedure and their results are slightly different.

Facelift in men

Facelift in Men

The best candidates for a male face lift in are healthy individuals who have wrinkles, folds or other facial changes in which plastic surgery would be the best option. Specific issues include sagging jowls, multiple wrinkles, sagging cheeks, or an nasolabial fold enhancement. If they smoke, they should quit smoking at least a month before the surgery commences and they should refrain from smoking for at least a month after the procedure.

Facelift in men verses woman

Because a face lift in men is slightly different from female face lift surgery, it might be a good idea to see a plastic surgeon that specializes in male plastic surgery. The goals of the facelift in men are the same as those for women. In both procedures, an energetic and youthful face is what is usually desired. Incisions in the hairline are made from the temporal area down to the ears and slightly below or behind the earlobe. The skin is dissected from the rest of the tissue and the muscles are tightened. The fat is removed if there is too much fat in a particular area and the facial skin is redraped and trimmed. The suture line is stitched together and bandaged.

The incisions made during a facelift for men are a bit different than for women. It tends to more difficult to hide the scar in the hairline because the men often wear their hair short or are bald. Due to this, the incision is sometimes placed along a natural crease so as to be more inconspicuous. Incisions around the ear incisions are more common in men because of the hair issue.

New Confindence in men

A facelift in men will ideally give the man a better sense of self esteem. It can give you the confidence that you wanted, with a fresh new and youthful face. However as with all surgery, there are some risk to surgical facelifts in men. Since hair is usually shorter cut on men, hiding the scar may be more difficult. There could also be nerve damage, resulting in paralysis or sensation loss on a portion of the skin of the face. Men have more blood vessels in their face than women do so they are likely to bleed more and have more hematomas (blood clots) than women do. Hematomas can be treated by hot packs, but may require surgical removal.

Consultation for Facelift in Men

A consultation for facelift in men is basically the same as with anyone else. At Infinity Life Center our initial consulation for cosmetic procedures is complimentary so it does not cost you a cent. Next a simple phone call or use of the contact form on our site and you can schedule about 1 hour with the doctor to discuss your needs. The doctor will evaulate and examine you and with you decide the best options to obtain tghe results you desire. A quote is given and such things as time off and other preliminary information is provided. We strive to meet your needs and budget. So why not give us a call today to schedule your initial visit?

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