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For centuries men and women have been seeking ways to preserve their youth and erase the lines of age and time and yet the fountain of youth evades them and is considered a thing of myths and legends. Science has made such tremendous developments that, though, don’t promise eternal youth and beauty but come pretty close. Chemical peels have become the most popular resurfacing agents that leave the skin looking fresh and young. Chemical peels are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in Honolulu, not just because of the terrific scenic beauty that Honolulu, Hawaii offers, but because of the highly qualified and reputed plastic and cosmetic surgeons who are available. One such surgeon, Dr. Michael Pasquale offers chemical peels in Honolulu, Hawaii and is considered to be one of the most qualified and competent doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr Pasquale has been using chemical peels in his practice for over 15 years. He has treated Asians, Caucasians and African Americans using chemical peels for such conditions as acne, discoloration, uneven skin tone or simply to give the complexion a glow and even appearance. Yet most important is the fact that at Dr. Pasquale’s clinic your treatment will be customized for you, as your skin is unique.

What Chemical Peels are Available?

Chemical peels are essentially chemical applications of substances that clear away and literally peel off dead and dry skin and let fresh and new skin take its place. There are three levels of chemical peels offered:

• Level 2 – Light Peels:

These are such substances as Alphahydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Glycolic acid peels which are light peels that can be applied in a very short duration of time and leave the skin smoother and softer. Light peels typically need to be repeated over a period of a few months so as to gain and maintain their best affect. They are not so strong and thus require little if any recovery time. We recommend once every two weeks for a period of 3 months.

• Level 3 – Medium Peels:

These utilize substances such Trichloracetic Acid and are ideal to deal with sun damage, some wrinkles and fine lines. Medium peels have an anesthetic affect so don’t require an additional anesthetic during their administration. Medium peels would probably require to be repeated maybe every 6 – 8 months.

• Level 4 – Deep Peels:

These are usually considered a one time treatment and use the strongest chemicals for the process of skin resurfacing. Phenol acid has a dramatic affect on the skin and requires recovery of several weeks. As it is the strongest it also has the most dramatic outcome. However Dr. Pasquale utilizes the LASER for this amount of resurfacing as it is safer and more accurate on most occasions.

Why Get a Chemical Peel?

  • The amount of recovery time would vary depending on the type of peel used. The deeper the peel the stronger the affect on the skin and thus the longer the recuperative time. For deeper chemical peels also available in our Honolulu, Hawaii clinic scabs may come over the new skin and Dr. Pasquale would advise you to care for your skin accordingly. The skin will be probably be reddish and sensitive and the instructions of the surgeon for the care of your skin need to be followed. Honolulu is a great place to have chemical peels done as it provides a great location for you to relax and recover until you are ready to go back to your daily routine. While light and medium peels don’t require much recovery time, you can typically cover with make up.
  • Hawaii offers the services of some of the best and highly acclaimed cosmetic and plastic surgeons in the country and the world such as Dr. Pasquale. His clinic has extensive experience with Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese as well as as Caucasians many who travel from their home countries or the Mainland USA to seek the expertise here.
  • So if your skin is giving you a problem such as acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and the like, our competent staff and Dr. Pasquale can design a program just for your budget, your recovery time limits and other factors which are unique to you. Our unique approach to your skin, combined with state of the art chemical peels and our many other skin care regiments including medical grade skin care products will give you many options at a price you can afford.

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