Having a Second Face Lift

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

A good face lift will last 7-15 years. This will all depend on you, how you take care of yourself. Your genetics, smoking, diet and the like all have an effect on the aging process as well as the healing. New wrinkles still form as the tissue loses collagen and elasticity over time. A facelift does not stop aging. Some people choose to have another face lift to undo the damage. A second face lift means going under the knife again and essentially repeating the surgery they had with their first face lift.

Second Facelift Scarring

There is an incision placed along the initial hairline incision or the hairline incision is actually cut out completely. There will be some scarring between the facial skin and the underlying surface tissue which will make a second face lift more complicated. In a second face lift, the scar tissue from the first face lift can make it difficult to find the planes of dissection between the skin and soft tissue. Even so, the skin is dissected as well as possible so as to have skin to re drape and work with.

In a second face lift, the tissue is tightened and fat is removed if necessary or fat added. The skin is redraped and a new incision line is created where the old incision line used to be. The procedure will recreate a new face that looks younger and firmer.

Thin Skin

You need to consider a few things. In a second procedure, the skin tends to be thinner and has even less elasticity as was present in the first face lift. There is an increase in hair loss, especially near the suture line. There is less correction of the deeper tissues because it was taken care of in the first face lift.

The Facelift Age Group

Because there is a higher population of people who have face lifts, there will be more people who go back for second and even third face lifts. Age no longer is a barrier to face lift surgery because people can live a long time. There is no reason to forgo having a face lift, even in the seventh and eight decade of life. A second face lift is more difficult to do and may not make much of a difference when compared to the first face lift, but is usually something that will make some difference in a person’s appearance.

Sometimes you may not need a second face lift at all. Many times we find just adding some fat by fat transfer technique will do the job or even a non-surgical skin tightening procedure may suffice. This is why you need to have a consultation with one of our plastic or cosmetic surgeons , they can explain to you then best options. So why wait, call or contact us today at the Infinity Life Center.

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