Platelet Rich Plasma Facials

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

The platelet rich plasma facial under the direction of Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale is a medical procedure which is carried out by a team, not a single individual. At Infinity Life Center there are several variations which go far beyond the simple micro needling and the application of platelet rich plasma (PRP). Our special treatments and options will be explained in detail.

Platelet Rich Plasma Facials in Honolulu Hawaii

First the usual PRP facial consist of puncturing the skin typically with a micro needle applicator. Blood is drawn and spun in centrifuge, the plasma is extracted with the platelets and spread on the skin. It is the natural healing factors that come with the platelets that is believed to cause tissue regeneration. Results are good typically and restores lack luster complexion. Typical cost for the simpler procedure ranges from 500 dollars to 1500 dollars at different facilities. Its not very complicated and can be done in less than an hour.

Highest Standards.

What makes The Infinity PRP skin rejuvenation different is we offer ,a few variations which we can Taylor to your needs. We have some of the best technology, due to the fact since 2013 we are involved in stem cell research. The fact is we maintain basically clinical research standards, not just a single low cost centrifuge, our equipment ranges from several variable speed machines to automated cell counters. Our work requires a special centrifuges and techniques which we maintain in our dedicated lab. This includes the use of trained technicians who have specialized in stem cell extractions. Further we are plastic surgeon based as opposed to a family doctor, gynecologist or other non plastic surgeon based practice. In a nut shell, that is our business from a scientific basis, not a side line. We maintain some of the highest standards in the industry.

Variations of early French Techniques of Mesotherapy.

Dr Pasquale first became familiar with needle based skin therapies called Mesotherapy in Paris France, he has been involved in these techniques a long time. First learning about them in 1993 attended various conferences regarding – mesotherapy and studying this when he was plastic surgery resident 1992. These techniques were very popular in France and Europe as early as 1970. Dr Pasquale went for further course work in 2004 to learn from one of the masters of Mesotherapy, Dr Petit a very famous European meso-therapist.

PRP facial verses Mesotherapy.

How do the early French techniques relate to the present day PRP facials ? This has to do with earlier history and marketing here in the USA. These European mesotherapy pioneers recognized that getting the substance ( vitamins, prp, other solutions) near the target tissue you wanted to change was important. So they felt these injections with micro needles in the dermal layer would be the way to go. Today the practice of meso-therapy is still strong in Europe, but here in the United States it is very limited to some few substances such as PRP. It became famous with the so called “”Vampire Facelift” where someone actually patented the term. To add to the confusion many people think meso-therapy is fat melting by injection. It is not ! That is actually called lipolysis or lipodisolve where a substance is injected to melt and kill fat cells. The PRP facial is essentially a form of mesotherapy no matter what it is marketed as here in the USA. You will see many variations of this, but remember it is high powered mesotherapy.

Variations of PRP Facials at Infinity Life Center.

We will customize your PRP facial ( again mesotherapy) technique depending on what your skin condition is like. We can not only perform what is becoming a standard micro needling with spreading of Platelet Rich Plasma on the surface skin, but we add to that various other substances according to what we feel is needed and what is decided up by you.

Some of the variations we use, is the Naturopathic techniques of adding Intravenous Glutathione or we may use superficial skin actual micro injections or certain vitamins or combinations. This combines the masters mesotherapy techniques with what is known here as the PRP facial.

Although out of the financial reach of many clients we also offer the stem cell face lift. This of course is not really a face lift but a non surgical rejuvenation.

Additional treatments.

Since we are plastic surgeons we can of course offer surgical options such as volume adding with fat transfer or other more invasive techniques. The issue with many medical spas is they lack the surgical expertise to really give the patients all the options.

We hope that this more detailed explanation provides you with more information in which to make your decisions mentioned we do customize our approach to what we feel you need , what result you want and budget.

Options in PRP facial and Mesotherapy.

  • Standard PRP facial with high tech lab produced platelet rich plasma. This is what you see at most doctors offices simple micro needling with placement of platelet rich plasma on the freshly mirconeedled skin.
  • Intravenous nutrition enhanced and antioxidant addition. We follow our protocol for the PRP facial using top of the line equipment yet we also add naturopathic formulations given intravenously at the same time to further enhance the effect of the PRP.
  • Mesotherapy enhanced microinjections with PRP facial. The addition of micro injections of various customized mesotherapy solutions are injected very superficially right before PRP application. This may be many of the vitamin combinations we use for mesotherapy.
  • LASER enhanced PRP Facial. Instead of using micro needle applicator we use a special LASER to prepare the skin for application of the PRP. Although the healing time is extended the results are fantastic.

If you are interested in any of our variations with PRP (platelet rich plasma) and micro needling techniques , consultations are free and we can spend the time to go over the details. We will make our recommendations and allow you decide what is best for you. Just fill out the contact form or give us a call 808-945-5433.

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