G-Spot Injection (The G-Shot)

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Enhance your sex life.

It is not at all rare or unusual for a woman to have infrequent vaginal orgasms. Many women settle for a clitoral orgasm (the least difficult of the two basic types) or they have no orgasm at all. This can obviously be a frustrating outcome to live with for both the female and her lover. A pilot study recently claimed 87% of women who have had the G Spot amplification treatment experience a heightened sexual awareness.

Is the G Spot real?

Most of the mainstream western population has heard of or has some knowledge of the g spot. A great many individuals both male and female believe that it is a myth, which could not be any further from the truth. The fact is, the G spot or Gräfenberg spot (named for Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg) has been documented empirically and can be located anatomically.

How does the G Shot work?

A recent study using ultrasound scans reported by Ian Sample (correspondent for the British newspaper The Guardian) shows profound evidence of the G Spot, and reasons why some women seem to not have one. These scans show clear anatomical differences between women that experience vaginal orgasms and those who do not. The difference was a region of thicker tissue (where the G Spot exists) in women who experience vaginal orgasms, a region which didn’t exist in women who have never had a vaginal orgasm. This allowed for a simple test to be conducted that determined wether or not the woman had a sufficient amount of tissue for a responsive G spot. For those women that do not have vaginal orgasms easily, or at all, a G spot injection (G Shot) would give them a thicker vaginal wall precisely in the area of the G spot. This quick and painless procedure enables these women to have vaginal orgasms.

The G Shot Treatment

The procedure in whole takes around 15-20 minutes and lasts around 4 months. The treatment begins with a short consultation with Dr. Pasquale. You are then moved to a treatment room where your G Spot is given a local anesthetic. A specially designed speculum is used to administer the collagen injection in the vagina. This injection increases the size of the G Spot to about the size of a quarter with a projection of about 3-5 mm. Patients are able to have sex 4-5 hours after the G Spot injection.

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