Liposculpture for Buttocks

By: Dr. Michael Pasquale

Buttock liposuction allows men and women of different ages a chance to lose weight from the buttocks and also to shape it in a manner that is appealing. This cosmetic surgery procedure involves making a tiny incision through which the cannula is inserted and used to break up the fat, which is thereafter vacuumed out. The buttock liposuction is done by a cosmetic or plastic surgeon and does not affect the nerves, skin and muscle in any manner. Buttock liposuction is done under both local and general anesthesia depending on how long the surgery is expected to take. Usually buttock liposuction requires an hour or two but the time period is primarily dependent on the amount of fat that is to be removed. It is important that you select a surgeon who is competent and experienced as too much or too little fat removal would leaves less than desired results.

Recovery from Buttock Liposuction

As can be expected the surgery would leave the patient sore and swollen and the surgeon may prescribe medication to relive the same. Surgeons recommend that the patient begin to walk about a few hours after the surgery but strenuous activity must be avoided for a few weeks. Within about 6 weeks one can go back to one’s usual routine. The affects of buttock liposuction can be seen properly about six months after the surgery. Depending on the amount of fat removed the skin would require proportionate amount of time for recovery and healing. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Honolulu, Hawaii as you recover from buttock liposuction.

Once fat cells are removed from the buttock one doesn’t put on weight there. However that doesn’t mean that weight cannot be put on in other parts of the body. For a shapelier and fitter buttock, buttock liposuction provides the most effective answer.

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